(1-877-614-7288) Many small and medium scale businesses use the services of Quicken to manage and optimize their accounting needs, and financial management operations. As is the case with all application software hosted online, there are many versions to it. The free edition is mostly used for demonstration purpose by users who wish to get comfortable with the Quicken platform before availing any of their paid packages However, the free version do not have any of the dynamic features and the dedicated customer support services.
The Quicken platform enables business users to manage and maintain their business records in the most optimal manner so that they can present it to investors in order to seek venture capital. Other than that, the application software helps users to fill taxes, and manage the internal revenue service in a better manner.
Talking of the benefits of Quicken business accounts, there are plentiful – a few of which are mentioned below for reference of the users:-

  • Wealth management – The application has been designed as to manage wealth for small & medium scale businesses. Users are able to enter due dates, and other payment requisitions for recurring bills. This allows the system to
    throw reminders to the business users, and also enable them to print cheque from the system itself. The benefit of this is that all such transactions are automatically logged in the Quicken application and the necessary bank accounts are linked to it.
  • Integrated invoicing for sales – Sales invoicing is an inbuilt process in Quicken which enables users to track sales and automatically create invoices at run time by simply clicking on a button. Invoices can be created for a
    particular customer, as well as bulk invoices can also be created using the platform. These invoices created are then automatically sent to the corresponding customer through their registered contact points.
  • Reporting features – This is a key feature taken care by Quicken which allows users to create a variety of financial reports such as trends on year on year revenue growth, expense growth, margin, operating profits etc. This also help forecast certain metrics for the next quarter or for the next financial year

There are many other esteemed features which are present in Quicken all of which enhances the usability of the application software. To add to it, all customers also get full time access to the Quicken Customer Support team seeking guidance on any technical or process oriented issues which may take place in the account.