Quicken  is one of the most frequently used and preferred accounting management application software launched by Intuit.  (1-877-614-7288) Majority of the small and medium scale businesses use the services of Quicken to manage their accounts in the most efficient manner. In addition to providing all transactional features as required by the accountants or financial analysts, Quicken also provides a plethora of run time advisory and consulting services as well related to stock price movements, and investment portfolio etc. Not to mention, these advanced features are available only in certain elite and advanced packages only.
Given the fact that Quicken cater to the accounting needs of business, it goes without saying that the criticality of transactions are extremely important for customers, and any undesired delays in operations could lead to losses for the customers. Keeping this in view, the Quicken Customer Support team caters to all technical and process related issues on a priority basis, and tracks it to closure.
Quicken users face a lot of issues which needs to be managed well by the support team, a few of which are mentioned below for reference:-

  • Quicken Data file–The Quicken data file makes sure that the application is platform independent i.e. it does not depend on the system used by the user. In order to do so, the data file is extremely important as it stores the current state of the transactions, and helps users to continue from the last saved state. Therefore, any problems in the data file would lead to users losing work
  • Network related issues – This is a common problem as the all the transactions are connected to various servers via the network. There are times when the local network does not work; there are cases when the network of the connecting banks may be down and so on. These network related issues are catered to by the Quicken technical support team and tracked to closure.
  • Configuration issues – Now, once Quicken is installed in the system and ready to use, users need to configure certain external devices to the application such as printers, scanners etc. so that they can refer to them while executing their transactions. There are times when users face issues in connecting to printers for printing cheque etc.

All such issues come under the purview of the Quicken technical support team who can be connected via the toll free support help line number any time during the day. Apart from that, the services can also be availed via mail and chat as well.